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Letting Go

I watch (and listen to) the tearing down and rebuilding of my deck, Willie barking at the commotion, the negotiation of the traffic on my driveway, the spiders seeking refuge in the house, the dry rot trash that is littered around the yard, and the early arrival of the workers with screaming saws in hand. I think of letting go. Somewhere in my memory I see a little old lady in similar circumstances pacing around her house and property wringing her hands and uttering anxious questions and comments to herself, the contractor, and anyone within ear shot. A little old lady who can barely tolerate the intervention in her life. Somehow I remember her in my distant past and I think that I cannot be like her. I think of letting go. It will pass. I will have my quiet home again. Thank goodness for the spiritual perspective that everything is an opportunity to learn, to grow. So I am learning how to let go even more and find peace in the middle of noisy commotion. In the evening I meditate. I find peace within and I again thank goodness for the spiritual perspective. For some having their deck rebuilt is an easy adjustment. But for someone like myself it is a challenge. I am learning from this challenge. Thank God for the spiritual perspective.

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