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A Sacrifice That Opens My Heart

CBS Sunday Morning I learned about a woman who has been faithful to her husband since he was listed missing in action in 1944 and whose grave was only recently discovered in France. The woman learned that the people of the small French town near which his plane crashed has been honoring her husband since his death…..all these years without her knowledge.  Evidently he was injured and was yet able to keep the plane from crashing into the town thus saving lives. I am so moved by the sacrifices this woman and her husband have made, the woman by remaining faithful to him when she could have married and had a family with another man and her husband protecting strangers he would never see moments before his inevitable death. It makes me think that yes, indeed, there is a purpose to our lives that we sometimes cannot see. Who are we to judge the wisdom of such sacrifices when behind such tragedies may be indescribable joy. Perhaps when she and her husband meet again their sacrifice in this life may have earned a bliss we can only guess at. So, I for one send my love to this woman and this man even though they may never know of it. God bless you!

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