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Paying Attention

Recently a friend gave me a copy of Self-Realization Magazine. In it I read an article about the importance of paying attention and the dangers of multi-tasking. In the article I read, “Our attention is pure energy. It transforms whatever it comes into contact with.” The article went on to say that studies show that when we are fully focused on one thing that we can experience real happiness. It went on to say that the best therapists are those who pay absolute and full attention to their clients excluding all other thoughts. I agree. When I am working with a client I am focused upon that person with the single desire to learn as much as I can about them in any given moment. I pay attention to everything about them. What they say, their body language, their energy, their expressions. I pay attention to my own intuition regarding them. I find that doing this makes for a deeply satisfying experience. As I continued to read the article what it said next really “blew my mind.” As they described this quality in a good therapist they mentioned four therapists of note that had this same quality: Sigmund Freud, Francoise Dolto, Carl Rogers, and Milton Erickson. As I read my heart rejoiced. Both Carl Rogers and Milton Erickson were real life mentors for me. I studied in person with both of them and felt the enormous benefit of their ability to focus. I am truly grateful for having known them.

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