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Humans Are Human

Being a therapist for over thirty years has given me many gifts. What an honor to have so many people share their hopes and fears with me over the years.  But I have become the student. My clients have taught me many things. One of the most helpful things they have taught me is understanding that everyone is flawed and that that’s no crime. Humans are human. Now this may seem to be something that should be obvious and simple to accept. But think for a minute about how critical people are of themselves. It seems to be human nature to think there is something wrong with yourself if you make mistakes or are not perfect and to believe that there are people out there who don’t make mistakes. I know. You may still be thinking that it’s a no-brainer to realize that no one is perfect. But there is something very compelling about experiencing over thirty years of all kinds of people all of whom share at least one thing in common: they are all struggling with their imperfections. Flaws haunt even people who in my youth I might have seen out in public and thought, “There’s someone who has no problems.” So, thank you, dear clients, for teaching me greater understanding, tolerance, compassion, and capacity to forgive. I pray you forgive me for being human, as well.

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