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Infidelity: The Cure For A Broken Relationship and Marriage

Over the years in my practice as a therapist I seldom witness a more heart rendering story from my clients as the story of the broken heartedness that comes with infidelity. It shuts off the heart and causes such mistrust and bitterness as to destroy any trust for the future of that relationship. It causes a distrust of the self and a shame for having been a part of it. The cure calls for a spiritual transformation within the relationship brought about by the humble and courageous efforts of each individual. Anything short of this effort is doomed to fail in bringing about any form of love and trust. Each must strive to connect with the spirit within themselves and ask for wisdom, forgiveness, and healing. Each must sincerely change their view of themselves and of love and relationship. They each must communicate with each other in such a way as to bring about full healing. As I have written before, spiritual transformation does not bring about this transformation by itself. Each must do their psychological work. Each must dig deep into themselves to understand how they were programmed in the past to accept this kind of circumstance in their lives. Each must take full responsibility for what has happened and into true spiritually evolved mature adults. Too big a challenge you say? Not when you really see the damage that has been done to yourself and those you love. Strive for this kind of healing. You will succeed if you try. Everything in your life will be better.

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