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Infidelity: The Psychological Healing

Once you have been unfaithful how do you restore trust? How can a relationship recover and grow in love? The healing of a betrayal always requires psychological and spiritual work. First it’s important to understand the deep down reason for the infidelity. It may not be what you think. It probably isn’t what you think. Core beliefs that drive infidelity are often subconscious and are buried in the past. They must be uprooted with the help of a qualified counselor and hypnotherapist. You must approach this process with humility and an open mind. In therapy once you identify the underlying motivation for your actions it’s important to upgrade your beliefs and attitudes about yourself and relationships. This psychological work can be difficult because it taps into memories and experiences that you have pushed away out of your consciousness. It also taps into emotions that you have denied. If you truly want your relationship to be healed of your infidelity you must do this work. It may also be important for your partner to do the same work individually. When you do this work you are automatically transformed in how you solve problems and fill your needs. You will really be a changed person, one who can be trusted. Not only can you trust yourself, you become more trustworthy. Your partner will automatically see your sincerity and be able to truly begin the process of forgiveness. All this leads to the necessary spiritual work that must be done. See my article, Infidelity: The Spiritual Healing.

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