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Infidelity: Revenge Sex

Perhaps the most cruel kind of infidelity is revenge sex. For those who indulge in this kind of punishment of a supposed loved one please consider the damage you are doing to yourself and to others. Revenge sex is based on a deep seated belief of unworthiness and powerlessness. Because the individual participating in revenge sex has such low self esteem they do not know how to resolve their problems directly. They resort to communicating their anger and frustration by acting out. It is likely that one participating in revenge sex is also caught in one or more debilitating addictions and has multiple relationship problems otherwise. Since revenge sex is a symptom of a deeper problem the best way to approach it is through understanding what the underlying core belief is that is driving the behavior. A core belief is a deep conviction about the self that is first developed in childhood. Some core beliefs are positive and lead to happiness and a balanced life. Some core beliefs are negative and can cause much harm to the self and others. Revenge sex is a reflection of a negative core belief and can be understood and resolved through counseling. Remember, you have a right to be happy. You will not ever be happy with revenge sex. Learn to face what you are really feeling and what trying to say  through revenge sex and you begin the healing.

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