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Exchanging Integrity For Money

What would you do? Several years ago Manny had a stroke and his already meager income was further compromised. Sometimes he would tell his friends that he didn’t have enough money to buy groceries. They were not surprised by this as even when he was healthy Manny found himself in similar circumstances. Over time he … Read more

Friends Grown Apart

Cherry and Johnny have been friends for about ten years. Their friendship has lasted through many stages and ups and downs. There were a few times when Cherry and Johnny, though always in some kind of contact with each other, withdrew from relationship. They are very different from each other. Cherry is a dynamic go-getter … Read more

Unrequited Love (Continued 2)

Bob loved Mary but married Susan because Mary wanted to remain friends. Susan did all the social things that Bob liked to do so Bob thought Susan to be a good match even though he didn’t love her. Since it wasn’t Bob’s life choice to question his own motives or examine his feelings he ignored … Read more

Unrequited Love (Continued)

Bob met Susan who he liked. Susan was a socialite in that she knew all the cool places to go, the best restaurants to visit, the fun things to do. She was beautiful and successful in her business as a model. Even though Bob was still in love with Mary who refused to go beyond … Read more

Unrequited Love

Bob’s wife had died several years back and he missed being married. He especially missed having a social secretary. So he got on the internet and began dating women. Bob wanted a woman who was connected with a social life, beautiful, and had some money. As he put it he wanted to be in the … Read more