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Unrequited Love (Continued)

Bob met Susan who he liked. Susan was a socialite in that she knew all the cool places to go, the best restaurants to visit, the fun things to do. She was beautiful and successful in her business as a model. Even though Bob was still in love with Mary who refused to go beyond friendship, he decided to pursue Susan. Bob and Susan’s growing relationship was based on surface likes and the fact that Susan was beautiful and was professionally successful. They did not share deeper thoughts and goals nor did they share any spiritual or personal growth desires. They just did fun stuff. Gradually Bob was able to see himself and Susan as a couple and told Mary that he could not do things with her as a friend any more. Even though Bob felt this was necessary so he could concentrate on Susan, doing so depressed him as he continued to feel love for Mary. Bob still just “liked” Susan but was driven to be a couple so asked Susan to move in. Finally Bob asked Susan to mary him. As he stood at his wedding he longed for his bride to be Mary. Bob and Susan’s marriage was based on values that were surface and Bob had not yet dealt with his longing for Mary. What do you think happened next? What would you do?

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