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Exchanging Integrity For Money

What would you do? Several years ago Manny had a stroke and his already meager income was further compromised. Sometimes he would tell his friends that he didn’t have enough money to buy groceries. They were not surprised by this as even when he was healthy Manny found himself in similar circumstances. Over time he had borrowed money from and not repaid many of his friends. Nevertheless Manny had friends who loved and supported him. One friend in particular was supportive and would take Manny on cruises and vacations and pay for his medical bills. Recently Manny required that he have extensive dental work. His benefactor friend immediately paid the dental bill. This friend, a very controlling individual who was afraid of many things, was very close to Manny. They  talked on the telephone sometimes several times a day. Over time his fear influenced Manny. As a result Manny never asked for anything that he thought might offend his friend nor did he set healthy boundaries. Manny’s already low self esteem gradually plummeted even lower over time. One day one of Manny’s friends challenged him saying that he had compromised himself so his benefactor friend would continue to financially support him and keep him in vacations. They told Manny that his low self esteem was in part a result of having exchanged his integrity for money. Manny agreed but continued to do so, fearful that he would lose his benefactor friend. Manny was not happy and often was plagued with depression as a result. What would you do?

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