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Unrequited Love (Continued 2)

Bob loved Mary but married Susan because Mary wanted to remain friends. Susan did all the social things that Bob liked to do so Bob thought Susan to be a good match even though he didn’t love her. Since it wasn’t Bob’s life choice to question his own motives or examine his feelings he ignored his heart ache and told to himself that he was doing the right thing. He and Susan had never had any in depth conversations about goals, spiritual beliefs, and the like. Their relationship was based on superficial likes and dislikes but because Susan was beautiful and successful as a model, Bob thought her a catch. Bob wasn’t paying attention, something Bob did a lot.  So when he married Susan he didn’t at first notice Susan’s increased drinking and critical attitude. Gradually Susan became more abusive and controlling and Bob began to feel trapped in a marriage with someone he didn’t love. One day he called Mary. His longing for her had never ceased. Mary was kind and friendly but refused to meet Bob in any other way than a friend. Bob was again emotionally wounded and sunk into a depression. Because Bob didn’t want to face his initial pain at not having Mary as a wife and refused to examine his own shortcomings, Bob found himself trapped in a marriage with a woman he didn’t love and in a depression in which he felt hopeless to leave. Had Bob been willing to face his pain in the beginning he would not have married Susan. He might have remained a single man, something he didn’t want, but he would have had a chance at finding happiness.

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