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Friends Grown Apart

Cherry and Johnny have been friends for about ten years. Their friendship has lasted through many stages and ups and downs. There were a few times when Cherry and Johnny, though always in some kind of contact with each other, withdrew from relationship. They are very different from each other. Cherry is a dynamic go-getter in her life and is very focused. Johnny is a lay back kind of guy who doesn’t pay attention to his finances and is always chasing some unrealistic dream. This drives Cherry crazy. She has often worried about Johnny’s ability to take care of himself and finds herself bailing him out of his financial disasters. Cherry loves Johnny for his general kindness of character but she disrespects him for his naive and unrealistic thinking. Johnny is totally dedicated to Cherry and marvels at her ability to make things happen. Over the years the gulf between them has deepened. Cherry finds herself spending time with Johnny so she won’t hurt his feelings. She still cares about Johnny but finds herself drained by his company. Johnny senses Cherry’s feelings and tries all the harder to please Cherry. Cherry sees this and doesn’t know what to do about it. Should she talk to Johnny about it? Should she simply walk away? Should she slowly withdraw? Should she change herself? And if so, what? What would you do?

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