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Great Weight Loss Tip

Most of us keep that extra weight on through comfort eating. Sometimes especially when tired, stressed, or bored you might even fantasize about what you are going to eat. Or you might just think about food as a matter of habit. Thoughts of future eating can often be comforting and help you get through the … Read more

Dealing With Stress

Stress. Can’t live with it. Can’t live without it. What to do about stress? Stress is a given in life. It’s always lurking around the corner waiting to rob you of your peace of mind. It helps to have some good stress reducing tools. Most of us know about making sure we get enough sleep, … Read more

Look In The Center

Years ago John Denver wrote a song called “Looking For Space.” He sang, “On the road of experience trying to find my own way sometimes I wish that I could fly away. All alone in the universe, sometimes that’s how it seems. I get lost in the sadness and the screams. Then I look in the center, suddently … Read more

How To Stay Even Minded

When we are children we have an abundance of energy and emotion that we have not yet learned how to focus. As we mature we begin to hone our ability to harness this energy and emotion and direct it where we want it to go. But even mindedness is not easily achieved. The ups and … Read more