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Great Weight Loss Tip

Most of us keep that extra weight on through comfort eating. Sometimes especially when tired, stressed, or bored you might even fantasize about what you are going to eat. Or you might just think about food as a matter of habit. Thoughts of future eating can often be comforting and help you get through the day. But when you are ready to shed those pounds that kind of thinking can get you into trouble. Remember that what you think about often manifests in reality. If you think about what you are going to eat, it’s likely that you will eat it. Like anything you make plans for it’s going to happen unless you change your plan. Here’s a tip. When you have decided to shed those extra pounds focus on what you will do that will be satisfying other than comfort eating. The amazing thing about this strategy is that you may not have to invent anything beyond what you already do. You are just putting your focus on the activity rather than on the food. Here’s an example: say your comfort eating is in the evening. Instead of looking forward to your special treat, look forward to reading your book or watching that special program on television or getting a foot rub from your partner or taking a walk. These may be things you already do. Whatever you choose to look forward to must be enjoyable in its own right. So the tip is on how you think, on what you focus your attention. It works. Try it.

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