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Look In The Center

Years ago John Denver wrote a song called “Looking For Space.” He sang, “On the road of experience trying to find my own way sometimes I wish that I could fly away. All alone in the universe, sometimes that’s how it seems. I get lost in the sadness and the screams. Then I look in the center, suddently everything’s clear. I find myself in the sunshine and my dreams.” I believe that John often wrote lyrics from his own experience. When he wrote these lyrics he referred to something that is a universal truth. When you look within yourself, or as John wrote “look in the center,” you find all you need. So often I encourage my clients to trust what they find within themselves. Those memories, intuitive hunches, that knowingness is deep within all of us…if we but look. And as John Denver says “the sadness and the screams” become “sunshine and my dreams.” You find a clarity that gives you new hope and direction. Sometimes my clients tell me that they are afraid to trust themselves because their past actions have gotten them into trouble. I wonder if those troubles were really caused by acting on a deeper wisdom or acting on impulse or unwise desires. I do know and trust this: If you spend time being quiet and sincerely looking within you will find the answers to most all of your questions and concerns. You can trust yourself. Just look in the center.

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