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How To Stay Even Minded

When we are children we have an abundance of energy and emotion that we have not yet learned how to focus. As we mature we begin to hone our ability to harness this energy and emotion and direct it where we want it to go. But even mindedness is not easily achieved. The ups and downs of life can throw us off and we can end up taking a bumpy ride if we don’t learn how to focus our energies and emotions in a productive way. So how do you stay even minded? Some think that even mindedness can be achieved if you distract yourself with activity or if you focus on your work in a single minded manner or if you shut off your emotions. The truth is that even mindedness can be achieved by finding a spiritual anchor within the self. This spiritual anchor is a connection to that which is calm, loving, safe, and joyful. It rises above the ups and downs of life and connects you to that which is unchanging. If you have this connection, whether you are religious, spiritual, or otherwise, you can be even minded realizing that your safety, worthiness, and love are not dependent on what goes on in your every day life, but is guaranteed by your connection to this unchanging spiritual knowledge.

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