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Five Powerful Ways To Manage Anxiety

Five Powerful Ways To Manage Anxiety 1

Hello friend. I practice psychotherapy and hypnotherapy in Encinitas, California. I help people successfully deal with their anxiety.

Anxiety doesn’t have to run your life. But you do need to take action.

Here are five powerful ways to manage anxiety.

One: Observe your anxious thoughts.

When you feel particularly anxious mentally stop yourself and ask yourself what you just experienced and what you thought. Your thoughts are what cause you anxiety. Thoughts that go unexamined tend to run you. They dictate your emotions, your choices, and your judgement. They can disrupts your relationship and your job productivity. You are at the mercy of your unexamined thoughts.  So stop and observe what you are thinking. You can be sure that if you are anxious you have just indulged yourself in self-defeating and fearful thoughts about something. Observe those thoughts and you can do something to change them.

Two: Change your thoughts.

Once you are aware of your thoughts you can do something to change them. Let’s say that you are feeling anxious and it seems for no reason. Actually there is a reason. It’s because of your thoughts that are fear based. “I’m not worthy.” “Nobody will like what I do.” “I will fail and be embarrassed.” “I can’t do this right.” “I will make a mistake.” OK. You’ve recognized the self-defeating thought. Now change it. Simply say to yourself, “My mistakes don’t define me.” “I am worthy of success.” “I can learn to do whatever I want.” These are just examples but you get the idea.

Three: Believe in your new thought.

Don’t doubt your new positive thoughts. If necessary repeat them to yourself. “I am worthy. I am worthy. I am worthy.” Now see how your new thought impact how you feel. If you fight the new thoughts then consider getting a little help with understanding your hidden core beliefs. A therapist such as myself can help you understand your deepest core beliefs and transform them. Meanwhile keep working at having positive thoughts that support you.

Four: Don’t be afraid of the work it takes.

Changing your thoughts takes work. Yep. It’s an effort and you need to accept that. But once you have put out the effort it pays off big time. Over time you will feel more relaxed and confident. Remember that you are responsible for your own happiness and well-being. No one else can make you happy. Only you. So commit to do the work necessary to help yourself.

Five: Sit with your feelings.

Everyone has stress and emotions around that stress. Daily. So feel your feelings. Don’t run from them. They tell you a lot about yourself. Sometimes when you feel it’s too much or you’re spiraling into a mess of anxiety, stop and sit with those feelings. They will peak and then calm into a resolution. I promise you. Sitting with your feelings can be an amazing way to feel peaceful and confident.

If you would like to know more about how to manage anxiety call me, Wendy Hill, Ph.D. Let’s just talk. Or read on my website Here’s my number: 760-994-9296.


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