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Two Most Asked Questions About Anxiety

Most asked question One:

My life is good. Why am I so anxious? 

Anxiety can come from current circumstances such as upsetting relationship, job conflicts, financial challenges, or health issues. Sometimes we can trivialize the impact of our current life circumstances.

For example, someone important to you not returning a phone call can cause you anxiety especially if you are depending on their response. If you are dismissive of how you feel about it you may feel anxiety you can’t connect to anything.

Current circumstances can easily trigger past upsetting circumstances. Let’s use the example of the phone call not returned. In itself you may feel some anxiety but if you are feeling more anxiety than is warranted you may have been triggered  by past forgotten betrayals.

Forgotten or long past betrayals that have never been emotionally resolved can be a huge trigger to well-being.

Most asked question Two:

How can I get rid of my anxiety?

There is no magic wand. However, there are ways that are effective and long lasting. Going into regression therapy opens the door for you to learn about your subconscious triggers. Most anxiety is triggered by current circumstances but exaggerated by past unresolved conflicts. Some of these conflicts go back as far as childhood, even infancy.

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