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My Anxiety Is Ruining My Relationship, Please Help!

Your anxiety can destroy your relationships and reek havoc on your life. Take heart. There is help. Did you know that your anxiety is linked to something in your past that you may not remember or  have dismissed? It’s true. And because this is true your anxiety can be cured, even if you have been anxious for years. It may seem to you that your anxiety is linked to something in the present. Actually that’s partly true. Events in the present can trigger anxiety but are typically only the tip of the iceberg. By allowing a professional to regress you back into your past you can identify the real cause of your anxiety and the core belief about yourself, others, and life to which you have been responding and that have been causing your anxiety. Think about it. Whatever is happening in the present you can normally handle, even if it is stressful. So why so much anxiety? It’s because there is more to it. Your subconscious mind knows exactly what happened. Consider allowing it to work for you and show you the real underlying cause of your anxiety. You can have peace of mind. To learn more consider a conversation with Dr. Wendy Hill who specializes in curing anxiety and depression.

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