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Device Addiction – Setting Boundaries

If you recognize that you have an addiction to any of your devices: cell phone, iPad, computer, etc. then you might consider setting some boundaries. For example you may decide to check your email only 3 times a day at specific times. Or you may limit your computer time to a certain amount of time … Read more

Device Addiction – Disconnect From True Self

We all long for a connection with something that touches our essential self. This longing is for most of us unconscious.  Still we are driven by this subconscious longing. You can identify this longing through your restlessness, your tendency to move from one activity to another, or your need for distraction. Because you do not … Read more

Device Addiction – The Price You Pay

Sure, our devices are great. They offer more options for information, communication, and entertainment than ever before in history. And that’s part of the problem: too many options. Studies show that too many options on anything result in stress. Here’s a simple example: You are having dinner at a friend’s house and are offered pie … Read more