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Device Addiction – The Desire to Connect With Yourself

Device addiction is no different from any other addiction in that all addiction is based on the desire to connect but with the misguided thought that that connection be with something outside of the self. Well, that’s a mouth full. Here’s another way of putting it: Each of us has a deep desire to connect with something essential within our selves. Because that desire rises from deep within the subconscious mind it is often misunderstood. We in our misunderstanding of how and to what we need to connect we seek that connection in other people, romantic relationships, goals, things, and activities. Co-dependency or over attachment to a person is essentially the same as obsessive attachment to say money, work, or shopping. The first step in healing any addiction is to understand how and why it began. That is always rooted in childhood. Remember that addiction is also the compulsion to avoid genuine pain, discomfort, or suffering…most of which came from childhood.

Read more in this blog on inner child healing. Blessings. You are of great value and are worth any and all effort to heal and experience peace of mind.

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