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Weight Loss Three: Self-Defeating Core Beliefs

I encourage you to read this series on weight loss starting with Weight Loss One. Doing this will help you understand the concept of healthy weight loss. We have acknowledged that most overeating is comfort eating that is an attempt at uplifting mood and masking uncomfortable emotions.  We have acknowledged that comfort eating is a temporary remedy and leads to the addictive eating cycle where you over eat, vow to diet, diet and perhaps lose weight, then regain the weight, sometimes in excess of your original weight. This cycle has been experienced by millions of people. Sometimes the cycle is long (a year or more) and sometimes it is short (days or several weeks.) If you recognize that you are caught in this addictive cycle then you may be ready to recognize the emotional pain you are attempting to quell. Stop. Sit down and reflect on your life. Ask yourself what in your life are you avoiding, feel helpless about, stuck in, or are otherwise unhappy with? Whatever it is, it is likely that is the reason for your overeating. If you tell yourself that you are happy and that  nothing is bothering you then consider that you may be carrying an unconscious core belief about yourself that has control over your sense of well-being and may be the cause of your addictive cycle. A core belief can be a deep down acceptance of some self-defeating or negative thing about yourself, your worthiness, safety, lovability, health, intelligence, capabilities, or whatever. Your subconscious core beliefs run you. Because they are unconscious it is impossible to recognize them until they become conscious. You can bring them into consciousness. Learn how in upcoming installments.

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