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Weight Loss Two: The Addictive Cycle

We know that most overeating is an attempt to comfort the self and to avoid certain uncomfortable feelings. It works…temporarily. And then remorse can set in causing self recrimination and often a new vow to diet. This new vow to diet can be one of many failed vows over a period of many years. But then ultimately the desire to comfort the self over rides the vow. Then you are back to where you started or worse. New additional pounds can be added with this pattern of overeating, new vows, dieting, overeating, new vows, dieting, and so on…and on and on. How can one make this kind of madness stop? Millions of men and women over the years have lived this addictive patten of overeating and dieting. It’s a trap and one that causes desperation. Some people spend their lives looking for the next magic wand that will free them from this addictive cycle. Sheer will power, support groups, affirmations, weight loss clinics, visualizations, direct suggestion hypnosis, how-to-lose-weight books, supplements, magic jewelry, psychic predictions, and the list goes on and on. If you are caught in the addictive cycle and you are literally fed up with it consider doing this: stop, sit down, and think about what’s happening to you. Ask yourself what you addictive eating is really about. If you are truly honest with yourself you will recognize that it’s about comforting some perhaps long forgotten heartache or pain. When you recognize this in yourself, your healing begins.

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