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San Diego and Encinitas Counseling and Hypnosis Has a Valentine Moment in Local Mall

Falling in love may be easy, says San Diego and Encinitas hypnosis and counseling therapist, Wendy Hill, M.A. In fact, it’s easy and fun to watch. While in the mall over the weekend standing in a long line to return an item I noticed a couple with a loaded shopping cart affectionately entangled with each other. No, it wasn’t the kind of entanglement that you may see with hormone besotted teens (you remember what that’s like.) No, it was an older couple. And when I said, “Oh, that’s so sweet!” they untangled and smiled revealing their lined and seasoned faces. It was sweet. They  shared their love and affection with me and it made me feel great. I had the feeling that they had a kind of communication that we all long to have with a significant other. It’s not that they were going to rush home and couldn’t wait to tear each others’ clothes off…though that may have been a part of the picture. It was more like their love was an ongoing expression of their awareness of each other. Its like they held each other in their hearts in a soft and ever-present way. And I got all that in one look at their expressions when I said, “Oh, that’s so sweet.” Thank you, unknown couple, for sharing your love for each other with me.

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