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Hypnosis In San Diego and Encinitas Valentine’s Day: Healing Past Affairs

Did you know that hypnosis and hypnotherapy in San Diego and Encinitas can help you heal the heart ache and mistrust of past affairs? Some people simply divorced. But some people seek counseling and hypnotherapy to help gain some understanding as to why the affair(s) happened in the first place. Did you know that affairs can be a symptom of another problem and may have very little to do with real love or even sex? Most affairs are an expression of an inner discontent caused by something unconscious that’s driving the person. Consider this: You can choose this Valentine’s Day as the beginning of understanding the cause of an affair(s) by seeking to understand the underlying problem. If you’re thinking that you already know the underlying problem, think again. If you knew the underlying problem you probably wouldn’t be in this situation to begin with. Why? When problems, the real underlying reason for a problem is revealed, we usually begin the process of solving it. Symptoms of an underlying problem are not the problem. They are symptoms. So if you’re thinking you already know the answer then you may simply be looking at the symptom and not the real cause of the affair(s). Let a professional take a look. Even one session can make a life-changing-for-the-better impact. You may save your marriage and find a peace of mind you never considered possible.

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