We Broke Up and I Can’t Get Over It

“We broke up. I get up every day depressed. I’m not motivated. Sometimes I cry about it. I should be over it by now but I’m not. What’s happening to me?”

What’s happening to you is what happens to many who have had a serious break up. You are subconsciously (please don’t be afraid of the word) responding to something in your past that made you feel the same way. For example, if in your past you were emotionally or physically abandoned by someone you loved and depended on and never resolved your feelings about it your recent break up can subconsciously remind you of that event and cause you to emotionally feel all those feelings again.

“How do I feel better?” The cure is simple and straight forward but it does require some support from someone who knows what to do. By remembering the past unresolved events that hurt you, you can defuse the power those old emotions have on you in the present and be free of them. This allows you to be completely present with your emotions and not bogged down by past forgotten ones. A seasoned professional can get you in happy shape in very little time if you are sick and tired of feeling like a victim.

To learn more about how this works go to www.wendyhill.com and read Your Original Programming. You can be free of depression and feel happy again!

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