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Life Purpose: Being of Service

One’s life purpose or calling always includes being of service in some way as an essential element of the work. Ultimately seeking to pleasure or serve one’s self alone leads to unhappiness. It is delusive to think that your calling is for you alone. It is always for you and for others. You will find … Read more

Life Purpose: Finding It Where You Are

Some people think that their life purpose should be something different from what they are already doing, perhaps something exotic or requiring some drastic change in lifestyle. Everyone has a life purpose, a calling to do something of value in their lives. Everyone’s life purpose has one thing in common with everyone else’s. That essential … Read more

Life Purpose: Creativity

Your life purpose, your calling, comes from a wellspring deep within you. You were born with it. A difficult childhood can block your connection to it, but it never completely dies. If you have been disconnected from this part of yourself you can reconnect through therapy that focuses on core beliefs. You can bring it … Read more