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Life Purpose: Singular Goal With Many Forms

In their attempts to discover their life purpose many look for the perfect activity that not only will serve their likes but will also make them a good living and require the least amount of effort. They may have wonderful natural gifts that they are ignoring because it seems to them that “there is no market for them.” When seeking to know your true life purpose you must first listen to and follow that within yourself that calls you. To ignore your creativity and love for whatever is within you will cause you problems later. Your life purpose may take many forms over a lifetime. You are not limited to one way of expressing it. Sometimes your life purpose  may start as a hobby or a volunteer activity and then morph into something more substantial. It can also morph into an entirely different set of activities while maintaining your original goal or creative expression. Here’s an example: Megan loved to sing but knew that a career in singing would be difficult so she simply sang for her friends on occasion. She also loved children and decided to make a CD of children’s songs that she could sing to her friend’s offspring. She often gave away the CD. It ended up in the hands of a school teacher who invited Megan to come and sing to her classroom. Megan did, many times. She found that she loved interacting with the children so much that she began to volunteer at the school. She decided to get certified as a teacher and went back to school. In school she met a man who encouraged her to speak on how to communicate creatively with children. She did.  Megan’s life was rich with many wonderful activities with a good income included.

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