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Life Purpose: Creativity

Your life purpose, your calling, comes from a wellspring deep within you. You were born with it. A difficult childhood can block your connection to it, but it never completely dies. If you have been disconnected from this part of yourself you can reconnect through therapy that focuses on core beliefs. You can bring it back to life and find the wellspring within you that holds your creativity. It is your calling and your joy. It doesn’t matter whether you think you have any talent in anything. As long as you are attracted to it and you think, “Wouldn’t it be great if I could do that!” then you are looking at your creativity and your calling. Follow it. Take lessons, get the necessary education (no matter how long it takes!) Just do whatever is necessary to find a way to express that desire. Trust yourself. Trust what you feel inside that secret part of yourself, that part that is so vulnerable that perhaps you have not dared to express those feeling to anyone else. Creativity can express itself in many ways. Creativity isn’t just for artists and musicians. A CEO can be creative in how he/she communicates to his/her people. A teacher can teach in creative ways. A technician can do his or her thing with joyful creative touches. Creativity can be expressed in everything that you do.  Creativity is in all of us and can be expressed in all ways every day of your life. It’s fun. It’s spiritual. It’s an expression of your life purpose.

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