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Life Purpose: Fear of Failure or Success

For some people their life purpose is calling them and yet they refuse to take any action to make it happen. This may be because of their unconscious fear of failure and/or success. Both of these fears originate in childhood when taking risks somehow went badly. Perhaps the child felt that he or she could not or should not make any mistakes. He or she may have been shamed or punished for their mistakes. To get through this difficult dilemma it’s important to bring into consciousness the past programming in childhood that set up for this unfortunate trap. The person’s child of the past may say,”If I don’t succeed at this I will be a failure and others will know and I will feel embarrassed. So it’s better if I just don’t try. Then I won’t risk failure.” Or the person’s child of the past may say, “If I succeed then my life will be different. People may think differently of me and may not like me. They may leave me. So it’s safer just to remain the same. At least I know what that’s like. Making changes is just too scary.” To live your life purpose you have to take risks. Otherwise you are doomed to frustration and feelings of loss by your own self inflicted limitations. Find your warrior spirit and push through your inner fears. Live your life purpose!

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