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Life Purpose: Being of Service

One’s life purpose or calling always includes being of service in some way as an essential element of the work. Ultimately seeking to pleasure or serve one’s self alone leads to unhappiness. It is delusive to think that your calling is for you alone. It is always for you and for others. You will find that your greatest joy comes from giving to others. It’s a satisfaction you feel deep inside that no other can match. It will rise up within you and bring you such joy that you can’t wait for the next chance to give. Soon you may find yourself thinking up new ways to be of service. You will be swamped with gratitude from others and gratitude to God for the opportunity to serve. Here are some example of how some have served and found joy: John worked as a custodian at high school. At first he felt shame as being at what he thought to be the ‘bottom of he totem pole.’ When he found some the student smoking and doing drugs he began to befriend them and gradually bond to them. He would listen to their stories and give them hope for a better future. Gradually he saw some of ‘his’ students changing. John’s work with ‘his’ students changed their lives for the better. He was living his calling. Shirley worked for a corporation as its CFO. At first her job was to-the-point dry and uninspiring. No one particularly liked Shirley. Then she read a book on win-win communication. She was so inspired by the book that she began to practice it’s skills. Suddenly she began to make friends and in doing so inspired those friends to read the book. There was so much excitement about the changes that happened in the corporation as a result that an after hours class was created. Shirley taught the class and touched many. The wave action of her teaching spread. Shirley was living her calling.

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