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Do You Have A Calling?

I have an intern that I am training to practice advanced clinical hypnotherapy through my Hypnotherapy Training Academy. She is courageously passing through the stages of learning: her own personal growth work as a client of advanced hypnotherapy, she observing me at work with clients, her working with her own clients as I observe her, … Read more


Change is a constant. In fact, it’s the one thing that doesn’t change. Change is a continual series of deaths and births, endings and beginnings, stops and starts. And we humans are living in the manifested world of change. So how do we deal with its continual losses and gains? Andrea was on a roll. … Read more

Even Mindedness

I have been inspired by a Mexican man who is rebuilding my rather extensive deck. On the original bid it seemed that the job would be reasonable minimal with removing and replacing limited dry rot. Once the job started it was revealed that the rot was so extensive that ninety percent of the deck needed … Read more

Lahaina Woman of 1800’s

On my recent visit to the Hawaiian Islands I made an excursion to Lahaina on the island of Maui. Lahaina is an old whaling town where missionaries lived beginning in the 1800’s. Since I have an historical interest in whatever place I venture I visited the Baldwin Home on Front Street, home to a missionary … Read more

Choose People Carefully

A woman went to visit her parents after not having seen them for several years. In her personal growth work she had come to realize that she was an abused child. Her mother had hit her repeatedly and her father had stood by and supported her mother’s abuse. Such a long time had passed that … Read more