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Do You Have A Calling?

I have an intern that I am training to practice advanced clinical hypnotherapy through my Hypnotherapy Training Academy. She is courageously passing through the stages of learning: her own personal growth work as a client of advanced hypnotherapy, she observing me at work with clients, her working with her own clients as I observe her, long discussions, readings, and business related assignments. She is creating a new career for herself in spite of the fact that she has already a career as a surgical nurse. But she has a calling. And when you have a calling you do whatever is necessary to achieve that calling. That’s what callings do to you. They make you courageous and not mind the inconveniences and problems along the path of achieving that calling. People who have a calling are very lucky because it is already there thrumming in their veins and pulling at their hearts. All they have to do is name it for themselves in practical terms so they can begin the journey. Many people, however, struggle with trying to find out what would really ring their bell and make them joyful to get up in the morning and do what their calling asks them to do. As I have worked with many of these people I have noticed that each does have a calling but that it’s call in muffled by core belief caused by adverse past events and conditions that rob them of their calling’s voice. I have seen that once these past events and conditions have become conscious and resolved that the calling makes itself joyfully clear. If you want to know what your calling is, find out and resolve what has been blocking your knowledge of it. You will be very happy you did.

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