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Even Mindedness

I have been inspired by a Mexican man who is rebuilding my rather extensive deck. On the original bid it seemed that the job would be reasonable minimal with removing and replacing limited dry rot. Once the job started it was revealed that the rot was so extensive that ninety percent of the deck needed to be replaced. The cost of the job increased dramatically. When the new bid was offered by my Mexican contractor I was shocked at the amount and requested that he stop further work until I could get several other contractors to bid the job. The entire circumstance was stressful for both of us. Yet through it all he remained open, soft spoken, and even minded. He never once had a tone in his voice or showed an attitude of impatience or blame, an attitude I have seen in the past with others in similar circumstances. He alway looked me in the eyes and spoke directly and to the point. He said that he always strives to give a fair bid since doing good brought about good and doing wrong always brought about bad. He has inspired me to be a better person.

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