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Choose People Carefully

A woman went to visit her parents after not having seen them for several years. In her personal growth work she had come to realize that she was an abused child. Her mother had hit her repeatedly and her father had stood by and supported her mother’s abuse. Such a long time had passed that she had thought that she had forgiven her parents and felt she could enjoy her visit with them. It didn’t take long for her parents to begin criticizing and shaming her and her self confidence began to plummet. By the time she returned home she was in a deep state of self pity. “How could this happen. I thought I had risen above this. How could I lose my self confidence so easily.” What she didn’t realize was what a powerful hold the past has upon us. To re-expose yourself to people and situations that you know will only hurt you again may not be a wise thing to do. Be careful of who and what you spend time with. We all have a vulnerable child within ourselves that can be triggered. Treat yourself with respect and tender loving care.

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