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Change is a constant. In fact, it’s the one thing that doesn’t change. Change is a continual series of deaths and births, endings and beginnings, stops and starts. And we humans are living in the manifested world of change. So how do we deal with its continual losses and gains? Andrea was on a roll. Her business was finally taking off and she was high on the prospect of finally being able to make a good living. She hired two new people to help her run her blossoming business and that increased sales dramatically. Andrea was overjoyed. Than gradually, at first almost without notice, her business began to fall off. What was happening? Things were going so well. In her desire to understand what was causing the drop in sales Andrea did a little research. The bottom line was that the explosion in technology was subtly but consistently undermining her business. What people used to buy was being replaced by a gaining popularity in producing themselves through the new technology. At first Andrea was depressed. How could this happen after all her hard work? But then she put on her thinking cap. How could she use the new technology to help her business? After some sleepless nights followed by some intense research, problem solving with her staff, and some deep meditation Andrea came up with some creative ways to solve the problem and her business began to turn around. Andrea knew that this would not be the last time she would have to go with change and she adopted an attitude that she promised herself she would keep. Go with the flow. Acknowledge change. Invent from intuition. And be creative.

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