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Making Personal Growth Fun

For years I have practiced psychotherapy and hypnotherapy specializing in regression and healing childhood conflict in order to improve current life experience. The work results are wonderful. Lives are changed for the better. That’s the up side of doing the work and it’s worth every bit of invested effort and money. The down side is that the work is can be very emotional when recalling conflicts and high impact moments in the past often leaving both the client and the therapist (myself) exhausted.

So today I write about the fun side of personal growth. What kinds of activities can make growing fun? I think there may be many answers to this question and I’d like to hear your take on it. But here are some thoughts I have: real growth happens when we take emotional risks. So it’s important to have a lot of support when doing something new and a bit risky. A great kind of support is group support…the kind of group where everyone agrees to do something risky and gives support to one another. Here are some risky activities that when actually done end up being fun: singing full out from your heart, howling at the sky and mountains, dancing to the beat of your inner self, drawing or painting something on a big piece of paper. If these activities are done with group support and are done from the heart then love happens. And love is fun. What do you think? I would love to hear from you.

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