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Self-Esteem and Your Voice

Your voice, speaking, singing, whatever, is directly related to your self-esteem. As a therapist I have noticed so often with my clients how they use their voice. Some speak overly loud so to make sure they are “heard”. Often such people felt they were not heard in childhood so overcompensate by speaking loudly. But all too often I hear clients’ voices as little, shy, sometimes barely audible. Often such people had childhood experiences where they felt that they were not only not heard, but shouldn’t be heard, that they would be shamed or punished in some way if they had their own voice. So they unconsciously deny themselves having a “voice” not only literally, but in life. Ask yourself these questions: Are you afraid to speak too loudly? Are you afraid to sing in front of others? Are you afraid to say what you want or need? Are you too much of a people pleaser? If you answer “yes” to any of these questions it may be very helpful for you to explore how you can increase your self-esteem through the use of your voice. Imagine standing on top of a mountain and yelling, “I Am” repeatedly. Imagine how it will feel when your mind, body, and spirit fully “get it.” You deserve to have a voice.

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