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Setting Appropriate Boundaries

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ORDER AND SYMMETRY helps us feel safe. That is why SETTING BOUNDARIES is so important in our lives. I grew up in an era when the emergence of humanistic psychology encouraged love and acceptance. Frequently misinterpreted this spawned attitudes that led to “open” marriages, the hippie movement, mean encounter groups, and other potentially dangerous to … Read more

Finding Joy: The Beauty You Are

jumping for joy

Intricate beauty. Placing this dead bug in my hand I am moved by its vastly detailed beauty. Its colors of gold, blue, and orange, the tips of its wings an iridescent blue like a stained glass window, its wings a delicate mosaic tenderly bordered in black, its “feelers” a striking orange built like a tiny … Read more

How to Listen to Your Subconscious Mind and Intuition

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WHAT BECKONS YOU? Sometimes we can feel something inside that pulls at our attention….a subtle feeling, a quiet voice, even a discomfort. These feelings can be a way your subconscious mind is attempting to communicate with you. Perhaps its trying to tell you to follow something that will lead you to your heart’s desire. DID … Read more

Facing Life and Finding the Light

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Like these mushrooms emerging from the earth, WITH EFFORT YOUR SELF REALIZATION INCREASES. Life is a school…an opportunity to come to know who you really are and to experience your true spiritual connection with all that is. Some of us seek pleasure and the comfort of all that seem safe and familiar. There is great … Read more