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How to Listen to Your Subconscious Mind and Intuition

How to Listen to Your Subconscious Mind and Intuition 1WHAT BECKONS YOU?

Sometimes we can feel something inside that pulls at our attention….a subtle feeling, a quiet voice, even a discomfort. These feelings can be a way your subconscious mind is attempting to communicate with you. Perhaps its trying to tell you to follow something that will lead you to your heart’s desire.


It’s true. Your intuition arising from your subconscious mind can often see your future. It can warn you. It can guide you to your highest good. Learn to listen to it.

See this beckoning driveway? It’s loveliness gives you hints as to where it leads. Perhaps it’s a trick and will lead you to a thorny patch. Perhaps it’s loveliness will lead you to a warm and loving home. Your subconscious mind knows. And your intuition will tell you.

Are you afraid to trust your intuition? Many are. We live in a time of trusting only what we can see and touch….a time where some other person’s opinion means more than your own. Reject that notion if you carry it. YOU have all the answers within you. If you learn to listen to your intuition and the feelings that go with it, you will have harnessed a powerful tool for life.

Your intuition is a combination of feelings you have in your body….fear, joy, love, sadness, etc….and a sudden knowingness. This knowingness doesn’t come from your mind. It comes from a universal body of knowledge and wisdom that you have.

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