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Finding Joy: The Beauty You Are

Finding Joy: The Beauty You Are 1Intricate beauty. Placing this dead bug in my hand I am moved by its vastly detailed beauty. Its colors of gold, blue, and orange, the tips of its wings an iridescent blue like a stained glass window, its wings a delicate mosaic tenderly bordered in black, its “feelers” a striking orange built like a tiny sugar cane, its body the iridescent blue the color spirit. The whole world is displayed in this tiny creature. And we are a part of this wonderful mystery. It’s the mystery of life and death, the mystery of merely existing, the mystery of changeless change.

Do you take the time away from your busy life, cell phone, and other devices to consider these mysteries? I encourage you to do so. You will be rewarded with wonderful feelings inside your chest and throat….that swelling feeling that comes with joy. You will experience the thrilling understanding that you are safe, a part of a mystery that loves you so much that it has created in you an ability to perceive this beauty.

I know there is a longing in you to experience this simple yet indescribable joy. Whenever you feel down, stressed, confused, or angry….whenever you feel the need to escape through some substance you inhale, drink, or eat….whenever you seek the company of others who are loud, over-energized, or cynical….take a moment to re-evaluate your choices. Perhaps take a break from all these diversions and become still and quiet for a time. I promise you that behind your restlessness you will find the inexplicable joy of peace found in the intricate beauty that you are.

Wendy Hill, Ph.D. is a humanistic therapist in Encinitas who specializes in transforming core beliefs through regression and spiritual awareness. Go to

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