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Facing Life and Finding the Light

Facing Life and Finding the Light 1

Like these mushrooms emerging from the earth, WITH EFFORT YOUR SELF REALIZATION INCREASES. Life is a school…an opportunity to come to know who you really are and to experience your true spiritual connection with all that is. Some of us seek pleasure and the comfort of all that seem safe and familiar. There is great danger in doing this kind of escape from the tests of life. Not only are you then prone to addiction, you can become cynical and apathetic. Life is difficult. To attempt to escape life’s challenges is a certain kind of death….a death of feeling fully alive….a death of the opportunity to know the wonderful truths about yourself. Consider taking on this attitude: “I welcome every challenge as an opportunity to grow.” If you take on this attitude you will, like the mushroom that begins in darkness, emerge into the light. Knowing who you are means having the EXPERIENCE OF FEELING ALIVE. Remember that there is a difference between what you think you know and what you experience. If your life if fraught with struggle and unnecessary drama you are probably feeling the result of attempting to escape life’s challenges. Depression and anxiety are often the result of denial and avoidance. Face your problems squarely. At first it may feel overwhelming and painful but if you persevere with determination to do the right thing for yourself, you will emerge victorious. Blessings, my friend.

Wendy Hill, Ph.D. is a psychotherapist and hypnotherapist in Encinitas, California. She works with people in person and on the telephone to help improve all aspects of their lives. You can find Dr. Wendy Hill at or call her at 760-994-9296.

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