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Purpose of Life

Joseph Campbell said that life in itself has no meaning except to perpetuate itself. However, he did say that there is a purpose to our lives as human beings. Perhaps our lives have more than one sub-purpose all of which lead to the realization of our true divinity and to merge with it. Perhaps one … Read more

Embrace Life’s Losses

Joseph Campbell was a realist. He didn’t attempt to hide or soften life’s difficulties. Instead his work encouraged us to embrace life and life’s losses. He realized that loss, challenge, and difficulty is the grist for the mill. Without difficulty there is no change. Without change there is no growth. Without growth there is no … Read more

Sound of Aum

Joseph Campbell was on a quest to learn the truths and meanings from symbols, myths, and stories over all time. In his talks with Bill Moyers in The Power of Myth series he spoke of the sound of the universe, “aum.” He said “aum” is the sound of all being, birth, coming into being, and … Read more

Joseph Campbell’s Courage

Joseph Campbell was an intellectual, a professor, and what he called a “maverick.” What he revealed to the world has been liberating for anyone seeking the true nature of what stories, symbols, religious texts, artwork, and other expressions throughout time reveal. In doing so Campbell risked severe judgment and rejection by many religious communities. Campbell’s … Read more

Literal Versus Metaphor

Joseph Campbell believes that millions of followers of the major world religions including Christians have taken literally in religious texts what should be taken as metaphor. I would imagine that Campbell placed himself in a contraversial position when he said this. In his interview with Bill Moyers in the Power of Myth television series Campbell … Read more