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Embrace Life’s Losses

Joseph Campbell was a realist. He didn’t attempt to hide or soften life’s difficulties. Instead his work encouraged us to embrace life and life’s losses. He realized that loss, challenge, and difficulty is the grist for the mill. Without difficulty there is no change. Without change there is no growth. Without growth there is no way for us to connect with our source. Without connection to our source we are bereft. Without connection to our source we are lost and are driven to ever wander in search of something that comforts us but never finding that comfort. Campbell tells us to face our dragons and realize that in facing them they melt away. In facing life’s losses we transcend their perceived power to destroy us and we enter into a new level of realization. We come closer to the joy of experiencing the unconditional love and bliss of our source. That is what life and life’s challenges are about. Finding and experiencing our source.

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