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Purpose of Life

Joseph Campbell said that life in itself has no meaning except to perpetuate itself. However, he did say that there is a purpose to our lives as human beings. Perhaps our lives have more than one sub-purpose all of which lead to the realization of our true divinity and to merge with it. Perhaps one sub-purpose is to realize that all of our life’s challenges have something to teach us and once we recognize the lessons and learn them we have fulfilled that purpose. Perhaps another sub-purpose is to give to others, to sacrifice ourselves and in the sacrifice learn the joy of giving. Perhaps another sub-purpose is to simply enjoy this outrageous creation and not be attached to it violence. Perhaps another sub-purpose may be to role model any accumulated wisdom to others and thus serve as angels on earth. We are not alone in this journey. There have been many before us to show the way. Campbell tells us this through is description of the hero’s journey. It tells us to take heart and know that our struggles are not unique and can be overcome. He tells us that there is real hope and purpose for our lives.

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