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Joseph Campbell’s Courage

Joseph Campbell was an intellectual, a professor, and what he called a “maverick.” What he revealed to the world has been liberating for anyone seeking the true nature of what stories, symbols, religious texts, artwork, and other expressions throughout time reveal. In doing so Campbell risked severe judgment and rejection by many religious communities. Campbell’s work repeatedly carried the message that those who take literally what should be seen as metaphor clearly miss the message and wisdom of the ages. He called himself a “maverick” because he did not adhere to any religion but instead studied all religion and all expressions of human experience. He relied on his intuition and intellect to guide his judgments. This took courage and a commitment to finding he truth. It is easy to accept without question a literal interpretation of a text or symbol. It takes wisdom and courage to trust intuition and to do the emotional and intellectual work of defining the truth ones self. Joseph Campbell was courageous and all who truly listen to his work and message find hope and deep resonance to what feels true.

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