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There are those who are true seekers of the mystery behind the mystery of life. Joseph Campbell said, “Those who know, don’t. Those who know they don’t know, do.” These words reflect the mysterious nature of reality. You can see this mystery in the world of physics. Every time there is a breakthrough in discovering … Read more

This Is Not Home

Repeatedly seen in Joseph Campbell’s study of myths, metaphors and symbols is the theme of transcendence, a recognition that there is something beyond our physical existence. There are hints and even direct references in his work encouraging us to look within ourselves for this transcendent experience. For example, he says that it is only in … Read more


Joseph Campbell gave a liberating explanation regarding the all too human desire for immortality. He said that our longing for physical immortality is mistaken for what is really a desire for spiritual enlightenment. This implies that deep within our psyches is a longing to have a forever connection with something greater and more lasting than … Read more

Follow Your Bliss

Joseph Campbell is famous for this line. “Follow your bliss.” He was criticized for saying this by those who misunderstood its meaning. They thought Campbell meant for you to do whatever self indulgent things that bring you pleasure. If he had meant that perhaps Campbell would have said, “follow your guilty pleasures.” Bliss is a … Read more


Anyone who has spent time questioning the nature of reality has asked the question, “Why suffering?” This question has undoubtedly been the most anguishing and heartfelt question addressed to God over any other. Why do children and animals have to suffer? What is the purpose of what seems to be senseless suffering in adults? Joseph … Read more