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Goal Setting Eleven: It’s A Spiritual Thing

For some setting goals is a part of a spiritual journey. It has to do with one’s calling, what one is inwardly called to do in his or her life. This calling may interpret into a career, a hobby, volunteering, or a lifestyle. Everyone has a calling. Everyone. Some are fortunate and know their calling … Read more

Goal Setting Nine-2: Emotional Commitment

What is the secret for manifesting what you want? Simply put, emotional commitment. When you want something and feel a desire for it down in that place deep inside yourself, the process of making it happen begins. When you want something with all your heart, mind, and soul somehow it comes about. This happens partly … Read more

Goal Setting Eight: Discipline Gives Freedom

Sitting down and writing your goals is a great beginning to making them happen. Follow through is another thing. Follow through requires discipline and what I call Warrior Spirit. Warrior Spirit is perseverance in spite of difficulties. Warrior Spirit requires discipline and discipline requires Warrior Spirit. So sit down and write your goals and then … Read more