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Goal Setting Eleven: It’s A Spiritual Thing

For some setting goals is a part of a spiritual journey. It has to do with one’s calling, what one is inwardly called to do in his or her life. This calling may interpret into a career, a hobby, volunteering, or a lifestyle. Everyone has a calling. Everyone. Some are fortunate and know their calling when they are young. Before we have been indoctrinated into “adult rational thinking” when we are very young we have a sense, a knowingness about ourselves and what we are to do. This knowingness may be vague and not yet fully developed, but it is felt. It’s like a song that has yet to have all its lyrics and melody but it is present and waiting to be consciously manifested. If you can imagine those moments before the realities of life jarred you, you can find the feeling of your calling. I wrote a song called Forgotten Child’s Dream. It is about the child within us that has knowledge of our calling but has been left behind and forgotten. Through the process of regression you can remember those early inklings and retrieve your rightful calling. Then you can go about the process of setting goals to achieve it. Here are a few lines from my song: This dream is my calling. This dream is in my heart. It will lift me up and show me where to start. Forgotten child’s dream. Forgotten child’s dream, pulling at my heart, tearing at its seams.

Wendy Hill, M.A., Ph.D. candidate (2013) has been in private practice in psychotherapy and hypnotherapy in San Diego and Encinitas for over thirty years. As a therapist and counselor Wendy specializes in transforming self-defeating core beliefs. Her therapy includes using hypnosis and counseling to treat anxiety, depression, addiction, childhood abuse, sexual abuse, relationships, self-confidence, and life challenges. Her website is


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