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Depression Three: Rooted In Your Past

Although a current event such as a loss can trigger a depression, most depression has its roots in the past. Here’s an example of how this works. Say that you have a core belief about yourself that you are not worthy, a belief that you adopted when you were a vulnerable child when you were under stress. A core belief is a basic belief you carry about yourself that, although may not be true or accurate, is still believed to be so in your subconscious mind. This core belief is always active to some degree influencing your perceptions and behaviors. A core belief can be active for a lifetime until you become consciously aware of it and upgrade it. This usually requires therapy with a therapist who specializes in core belief transformation. Now say that you are coping fairly well in life when you experience an unexpected and devastating loss. Your subconscious core belief may interpret that loss as meaning you are not worthy of having what you need or want. It kind of says, “I told you so. See, you are not worthy of happiness.” Now that somewhat dormant core belief that you are not worthy is triggered big time. You are going to experience a depression that will be difficult to overcome until you address and change for the better that old core belief that you are not worthy into a core belief that you are worthy. This is doable and a good therapist will help you do that.

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